April, 2010 it begins!


Today I find myself really seeking God’s will for my life.  So many changes, my youngest child not around much any more.  “Am I fulfilling God’s purpose for my life?” I’m on an airplane returning home from my dear uncle’s funeral.  Funerals tend to get me thinking about these kinds of things.  Death certainly is not new to me so I’ve thought it a lot.  “Lord, what is it that you want me to do with the rest of my life.  I want to do something that glorifies you!”.  I recall a whisper I ignored many years ago when I was eighteen years old trying to figure out the same thing.  I ignored it then… “Write children’s books” the whisper said.  Thirty-some years ago I chuckled and quickly dismissed the idea as I didn’t even like to read.  How could I possibly be an author?”

I will never forget that plane ride.  I found myself passionately praying in silence and then it happened.  That whisper once again came to me but, oh so much stronger and clearer…”Susan, I told you once long ago, I want you to write children’s books.”  I knew in that moment God was calling me to use all my life experiences and a burden placed on my heart to reach as many people as I could.  Today I realize that whisper is God speaking to me.  It’s an amazing day!

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