April, 2013 I’m still floating!


It’s been a few months and I am happy to report that I am still enjoying full surrender when it comes to Ishnabobber Books. God hasn’t made it easy. He’s allowed several curve balls to be thrown my way.  However, I am proud to say, I am still enjoying Him as my flotation device. A few months ago, these trials would have rocked my world. They would have thrown me into a tail spin. Today is a new day–I’ve come to realize I DO NOT WANT TO BE IN CONTROL–life with God in the driver seat has allowed me to enjoy the scenery becasue I am resting in Him to take care of the big stuff. My mind and emotions are not filled with worry, stress and myself. Through dependence on Him, I appreciate and love Him more every day. The trials He’s allowed me to bear are the very things that have drawn me to Him. Therefor, I can be truly thankful for them. I am confident this is what Jesus meant when he said…

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

If we can give thanks during times of trials, we are truly resting in Him. He’s carrying the load and he can handle it–He’s God!

Here’s what’s been happening since Ishnabobber Books funded on Kickstarter:

  • Within days after funding, the printer closed down…no worries, God is in control!
  • It two months to find a new printer; we won’t meet our reward deadline…no worries, God is in control!
  • New printer found but the process will take much, much, longer…no worries, God is in control!
  • There is much more to publishing/printing then ever imagined; my head is spinning…no worries, God is in control!
  • Editing, publishing, legal, press proof, eproofs, more editing, more eproofs – time, time and more time..no worries, God is in control!
  • Finally, books are going to print–what? It will take a month!…no worries, God is in control!
  • This weekthe books will be ready for pick up and I can begin the distribution process AND not a single backer as voiced any frustration..GOD IS IN CONTROL!

Having been shown peace through all these trials, I decided a couple months ago that God deserves my surrender in all areas of my life.  Because of my old habits it is a challenge but well worth it. I understand what Paul meant when he said…

“For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but am doing the very thing that I hate.”  Romans 7:15

The reality is…I am a sinning saint trying to stay the course but will inevitably stumble and to this I say:

No worries, GOD IS IN CONTROL and He will get me to the goal!

HAPPY SPRING…enjoy the scenery!


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