How Can I Shine Brighter?

Written by Susan Anderson & Illustrated by Traci Allison

Book #1 of 3 of The Discovery Series

A young lighthouse with an amazing heart for helping others shines as bright as he can.  Still he knows there is something more he can do. Whenever a visitor comes to visit, he asks… “How can I shine brighter?” This is a story of patience and persistence as Ishnabber seeks to find what is missing in his life. Eventually he is told Jesus is the answer!

Coming soon!

Who Is Jesus? – Book #2 of 3 of The Discovery Series

Ishnabobber sets out to discover who Jesus is. He’s told reading the Bible will tell him everything he needs to know. Does he really want to read the Bible, it’s a big book? Eventually Ishnabobber’s curiousity and desire to shine brighter enables him to continue his jourey of discovery. To his amazement, Ishnabobber learns all kinds of wonderful truths.

Why Is Jesus special?Book #3 of 3 of The Discovery Series

Through reflection of all he’s learned so far, Ishnabobber discovers that Jesus’ light is much greater than his own. His light guides ships safely to shore but Jesus’ light is the light of truth that guides all people everywhere safely through life.

and in the works…

The Faithful Series

The “I AM” Series

The One Another Series

The Surrender Series





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