July, 2010 it becomes real!

Ishnabobber Draft

The last three months I’ve been working hard with pen and pad or should I say keyboard and computer.  I’m pounding out ideas all the while working my fulltime job.  This project  is going to be quite a challenge. “Lord, am I really up for this?” The answer is “yes” as He reminds me of a gal I met a few years back.  She came in to my life for about three weeks.  Two weeks ago God puton my heart to call Traci to share what He had me working on. I have no doubt it was God, how else could I have recalled someone I didn’t even know. This is so new for me… treading the unknown and following His lead not knowing where it is going to take me. Today I understand why. Traci is going to be my illustrator. She’s perfect! A strong woman of faith who believes in what I am trying to do. One week after we met, Traci emailed me a draft version of Ishnabobber. Seeing the character come to life made it real and very exciting!

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