How Can I Shine Brighter available for purchase!

The first Ishnabobber book is available for purchase via Ishnabobber’s webiste and This is a huge milestone for Ishnabobber Books.

Ishnabobber Books successfully funded!

Susan Anderson, author of Ishnabobber Books, and Traci Allison, illustrator, have reached their funding goal on Kickstarter.  Ishnabobber Books will be able to launch its first series called The Discovery Series consisting of three books: How Can I Shine Brighter?, Who is Jesus? and Why is Jesus Special? thanks to 72 backers who supported this project.

Ishnabobber Books has launched on Kickstarter!

Susan Anderson, author of Ishnabobber Books, and Traci Allison, illustrator, have officially launched their first series of Ishnabobber Books consisting of three books — How Can I Shine Brighter?, Who is Jesus? and Why is Jesus Special?.  “It was a two and a half year journey of reserching, learning and growing in faith but we are finally to this point.  Now it is in God’s hands!”, says Susan Anderson.  If you would like to back this project click here and check out what these two ladies have been doing.

Susan meets with her Pastor…

Suan Anderson, author of Ishnabobber Books, met for the first time with her Campus Director, Clay Scroggins, today and received much encouragmeent and inspiration from him.  Susan belongs to Browns Bridge Community Church which is one of five campuses of the mega church Northpoint Community Church.  Northpoint Community’s senior pastor is Andy Stanley.  It seems the launch for Ishnabobber Books is drawing near.  Susan believes it will happen within the next four months.


Ishnabobber Soon To Launch…

What a journey it’s been!”, says author Susan Anderson.  “Two years ago, while on an airplane, I was praying for God to reveal His will in my life and, boy, did I get answers.  Here we are today launching the first Ishnabobber Book.  It’s so exciting to watch God at work and it’s even more exciting to be part of the process!”

Six months prior to that flight, life change took place and Susan prayed daily for answers without ceasing.  A potential opportunity to go back into youth ministry presented itself and Susan was discerning what to do.  “Is this what you want me to do Lord?”, she asked on a spring day in April, above the clouds, heading home from Minnesota to Atlanta.  It was at that time God decided to answer.  “No, to ministry of the few but Yes to ministry for many.”  Perplexed, Susan asked “How?” and He responded, “Children’s Christian books!  Remember?  Many years ago I planted this on your heart and today it begins.  The books are to be New Testament based, leading children and adults into a closer relationship with Me.”

And so… two years later, the first Ishnabobber Book is ready to launch!


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