November, 2012 don’t loose heart!


The first two weeks of the Kickstarter launch is going slow… It’s been a struggle not to be disappointed. Reaching for a lofty goal to bring the word of Christ to children is one of those things one believes will happen easily. That all believers will go “Yeah, now this is something we need to rally behind!” and it would grow like wildfire. The sad reality is that is not happening. Anytime you work towards His good that evil force tries it’s best to get in the way. Sure God has power over it but I believe there are lessons to learn through it so will remain thankful and trusting in Him in spite of the disappointment. This morning my devotion was perfect (as it always is). I’m reminded in Philippians 3:7-8 that compared to the greatness of Christ everything else is rubbish. Today much reflection is happening as I ponder this truth. In the 3rd book, Why is Jesus Special?, Ishnabobber does this very thing. It’s amazing, that no matter our age, the truths in these little books are for EVERYONE! I absolutely know God will use Ishnabobber Books for his glory! Traci and I will not loose heart, we will keep pressing forward like little soldiers in God’s army!

We are trying to print 500 each of the first three books and put them in digital form so we can bring Christ’s truths to children and their parents in a way that all will ‘get it’. Yes, it’s a big goal but, even it, is nothing compared to the glory of Christ.


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