October, 2012 we are launched!


I cannot even describe this day.  So many emotions!  It’s certainly all good!  Praises to my heavenly Father!  Somehow He managed to keep me faithful when it would have been easy to quit.  I believe, with all my heart, there is more my Lord wants me to do through Ishnabobber Books.  I will continue to spread the word as much as I am.  It is in my Father’s hands!  His will be done!  We’ll just have to see what the next thirty days bring?

Please go to Kickstarter and back this project if you believe as I do that the earlier our children can know Jesus the better off they are throughout this journey we call LIFE!


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  1. Traci Allison says:

    Susan, the best is yet to come! I hope you feel as much at peace as I do about our campaign. God is so good and we are joining him in accomplishing his work! What an honor!!

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